Our Vision

Defining the Future Vision

The term “vision” is a broad statement that expresses a consensus regarding what the Baroda community should be like in the future. As such, the vision addresses issues of visual character and community aesthetics as well as population and economic growth and prosperity. It also addresses non-visual issues such as what one will experience living in the community and local philosophy regarding quality of life.

The Vision for the Future seeks to place into words the collective opinion of the community for the pattern of land uses desired in the future. It includes a perspective on public services necessary to support the living environment and community social activities desired by Baroda residents and visitors. 

“In 2040, the Baroda community will be known as a small suburban community showcasing a rural country charm while being the center of Southwest Michigan’s wine and craft brew tourist attraction.” 

Master Plan and Capital Improvements Plan

The Village Council and Township Boards came together to form our Community Master Plan in 2017. This serves as a guide for future development within our community.