History of Baroda

The history of the community goes back to the 1830’s when the first settlers arrived and began clearing the land, draining the swamps and building homes and farms. The founder of Baroda was Michael Houser, a man of exceptional generosity and civic-mindedness. Houser had always dreamed of building a town so he bargained with the railroad to put a station on his land. Houser then platted a town and sold lots on very generous terms. He offered a free lot to every person who would build a store or other building worth $500. Houser sold lots for homes for $35. He was not looking for personal glory and did not want the town named after him. Houser chose the name Baroda after a city in western India, 400 kilometers north of Bombay. In 1891 the Baroda post office opened. The Village of Baroda was incorporated in 1907 and the Township organized in 1923.