Abandoned Vehicle Enforcement


The Village of Baroda’s Enforcement Officer routinely tags and removes junked, nuisance, and abandoned vehicles from Villages streets, alleys, and parking lots.  This is an ongoing effort undertaken by the Enforcement Officer to keep the Village clear of neglected vehicles.

Lake Township Police Department processes all impounded vehicles.  Residents who wish to report a potentially abandoned vehicle are encouraged to call the Enforcement Officer, Bill Tucker at 269-326-6154 or email at


Commercial & Recreational Vehicles

Commercial vehicles may not be stored overnight on residential properties when in view of the public; storage is limited to closed garages.  Trailers and boats which are smaller than seven feet wide, under ten feet long, and less than eight feet tall may be stored out of public view in the side or rear of the yard provided they are parked on a paved (concrete, asphalt, or brick paver) surface. 

Junk Automobiles

Junk automobiles includes any motor vehicle which is not licensed for use upon public roads and shall also include weather, licensed or not, or any motor vehicle which is inoperative for a period of three months or longer.